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Lynn Tall of Rug Advocate has added TWO new topics to the popular Customer Information Flyer collection!

These two new flyers bring Rug Advocate’s FULL SET of Customer Information Flyers to fourteen different, consumer worthy topics.
The first, “Stain and Fiber Protection,” is a sales-oriented flyer to be used when soft-selling the service. It talks about what protectant does, how it should be applied, different types of protectors, limitations of the product, benefits of the product, and what to do in case of a spill that seeps through the protector. Like the “Rug Padding” flyer, this one is meant to increase sales of a particular service, directing the reader to contact their rug care professional for advice.
The second, “Traffic Lanes, Wear Patterns, and Pile Distortion,” is an educational flyer that is used during pre-inspection when evidence of any of these issues are present. The flyer discusses what traffic lanes, wear patterns, and pile distortion are, and what can be done about them, if anything. The wearability of low performing fibers, like any of the faux silks, are also a point of interest, and something we all run into more and more with our customers’ rugs.

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