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Hidden Key in a RockDid you know 30% of burglars enter homes without using any force? One reason for this is that people often hide a spare key in obvious places (in fake rocks, under the door mat, etc.) and burglars know to look there too!

Like your home, it’s important to keep your website safe from intruders.

WordPress Logo26% of all websites globally are built using WordPress.

If your website is one of these – Congratulations!


Did you also know that to Hack your WordPress site, a Hacker typically only needs three pieces of information?

  1. Login URL
  2. Username
  3. Password

By default, the Login URL for a WordPress site is


If you don’t change this default, a Hacker (burglar) has one of the three details they need to compromise your site.

It’s like hiding your key under the mat.

Take this easy test.
Go to your web browser and type

If you see the following screen you may want to contact your web developer to discuss adding some security protocols to your site.

It’s an easy fix to make!

WordPress Login Screen